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Persone dietro vari progetti di fertilità in tutto il mondo che supportano le coppie sterili nel loro viaggio verso la genitorialità.

Sarah Banks

Fertility Coach, author of IVF Positivity Planner​

Sandra Bateman​

Senior Accredited Fertility Counsellor, CEO of the NFS, Manager to Louise Brown (The Worlds First IVF Baby).​

Laura Biggs​

Managing Director - The Fertility Show in London

Monica Bivas​

IVF & Fertility Coach, also "Author of the Book The IVF Planner" ​

Joanne Carwardine​

CEO of NFS and BACP Reg. MBACP (Accred) Counsellor Supervisor.​

Sandy Christiansen, MSc​

Fertility Coach at Sandy Christiansen Fertility Coach and Clinical Embryologist​

Andrew Coutts​

Managing Director, International Fertility Company.​

Cüneyt Çetin​

IVF Sales & Marketing in CooperSurgical Fertility, Founder of Reproductive Health Club

Kate Davies

Independent Fertility Nurse Consultant​

Eloise Edington​

Founder and Director of Fertility Help Hub.​

Brittany Hawkins​

AI to help fertility doctors improve the patient experience. Author "Everything Egg Freezing."

Catherine Hendy​

Co-founder at ELANZA Wellness​

Robin Hopkins & Jaimie Kelton ​

Hosts and authors of "If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We've Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family"​

Mel Johnson​

Founder of The Stork and I. Solo Mum, Coach, Speaker, Content Creator.​

Sue Johnston​

Author, National and Local Fertility Advocate National and Local Support Group Leader Founder of Detroit, MI Walk of Hope RESOLVE Ambassador Owner of FertilityNFriendship ETSY Store​

Dimitris Kavakas​

Redia Ltd. IVF Travel

Rania Kimrakji​

Founder- Managing Director - Royalty Consultants (Partner) ​

Valerie Landis, MBA​

Women's Health: Reproductive Endocrinology, Egg Freezing, Fertility, Oncology Research, Seasoned Entrepreneur​

Harroula Mathiopoulou Bilali​

Founder & CEO, Ferticeutics Co - Advanced Health & Fertility Therapeutics​

Lori Metz​

Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Certified Case Manager, CCM, BC-TMH​

Dr. Claudia Mika​

Founder & CEO of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation​.​

Rob Milnes​

CEO of Fertility Focus, the company behind OvuSense and OvuSense Pro.

Monica Moore​

Founder, Fertile Health​

Julie Morgan​

Director at All About Infertility Independent Fertility Nurse Group Co-founder ​

Andreia Trigo​

Multi-awarded nurse consultant, author and TEDx speaker.​

Stefano Urbani​

FONDER, Turismo Medico Italia​

Karenna Wood​

Founder of YourFertilityHub.com, award-winning international fertility coach.​


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Dettagli di contatto: The European Fertility Society C.I.C., 2 Lambseth Street, Eye, England, IP23 7AG

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